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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have bought Naga BB cream. It really looks intense. How to apply it or   how to use it?


A: The intensity of BB cream texture is beneficial to the customers because   you’ll get the worthy amount of cream and intense cream. The way to apply it depends on the cream the customers are using for nourishing their skin. If the cream you are using is oily, it’s very suitable for Naga BB cream. But if you are using the cream that is quite dry, you’d better use the BB cream accompanied by brightening cream. It will be better.




Q: I have a combination skin but it’s quite dry. I bought BB cream, Moisture Protect Face Serum, and Brightening Face Serum. In the morning, I apply only Moisture Protect Face Serum and BB cream. Then, I apply some powder on. I feel like it’s dry. What should I do?


A: It is very easy. People having dry skin have to take care of their facial skin more than those who have oily skin. They have to apply Moisturizer Protect Face Serum (wait until it dry) and then apply Brightening Face Serum (wait until it’s dry). After that, apply BB cream and you will feel no more dryness on your skin. For those who have oily skin, try as what’s written at the back of the box.




Q: I have bought BB cream and Moisture Protect Face Serum. When I used them for the first time, I felt like there’s something like dry flakes or scurfy coming out after I applied the BB cream on. Anyway, the BB cream still stuck onto my face.


A: Don’t worry. This is how it eliminates oil on the skin. Using Moisture Protect Face Serum will accelerate skin restoration. After you apply BB cream on, the oil on the skin will come out like dry fakes that you saw. But you’ll see this only 1-3 times after using it then there are no more dry flakes. It’s like the way to eliminate dirt on the skin.




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